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Bitstamp works with leading online banking in Switzerland to achieve bitcoin (BTC) financing and withdrawals——GoDapp

Bitstamp works with leading online banking in Switzerland to achieve bitcoin (BTC) financing and withdrawals——GoDapp
Bitstamp works with Dukascopy Bank to provide encrypted funds to bank customers. The bank is Switzerland's leading online bank, and its customers can now send Bitcoin (BTC) to their accounts to convert cryptocurrencies into US dollars, which they can use to trade on the Swiss foreign exchange market. Dukascopy customers can also withdraw funds back to their wallets in the form of BTC. Bitstamp will facilitate the exchange of legal and cryptocurrencies.

The Bitstamp team explained in the announcement why this partnership is the key to moving forward for cryptocurrency.

This partnership has taken us one step closer to the goal of narrowing the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional finance. Further proof that our efforts in compliance and regulation continue to yield results as the cryptocurrency industry matures rapidly.

The Geneva-based Dukascopy Bank offers traditional banking services as well as cryptocurrency trading services, forex and binary options trading to retail and institutional investors through CFDs. The bank explained that trading account financing using cryptocurrencies is subject to the following conditions:

Deposits and withdrawals from trading accounts currently only accept bitcoin
After transferring the BTC, the bank immediately converts it into US dollars and deposits it in the customer account.
At the time of withdrawal, the dollar amount from the customer's account is converted to BTC and transferred to the Bitcoin wallet associated with the user's account.
The base legal currency is the US dollar
The maximum net deposit that can be deposited is $50,000 (total deposit minus total amount drawn)
Bitcoin deposits are not processed immediately. Therefore, the trader must accept the possibility of loss due to changes in the BTC / USD exchange rate during the conversion period.
BTC deposits and withdrawals are only processed within the working day associated with the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland
As mentioned earlier, Dukascopy does not provide direct transactions for cryptocurrencies. Bank customers can conduct cryptocurrency transactions through CFDs (CFDs) based on price movements of cryptocurrencies or their derivatives.

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Why I believe Modi is the real peacemaker in the India- Pakistan faceoff!

Context :
Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know that India had conducted an airstrike in Pakistani territory in response to Pulwama suicide bombing which killed more than 40 CRPF men in Kashmir, India. The terror outfit Jaish-e-mohammad took responsibility of the attack. Feb 26 airstrikes by India were conducted on a major installation of this terror outfit.

As the situation was expected to go, Pakistan vowed retaliation. On Feb 27, 24 F-16s and JF-17s progressed towards Indian side. In response to this infiltration attempt, India scrambled 8 jets ( MIG-21 Bison, Mirage 2000 and Sukhoi 30MKI ). In this Dog fight, one of the F-16 of Pakistan was shot down by a MIG 21 BISON. However, the MIG also crashed and it's pilot, W.C Abhinandan landed on the Pakistani side.

Pakistan PM had made 2 attempts to "persuade " (in their own terms) India to de-escalate. Coupled with the release of W.C, Pakistan PM is being promoted as a candidate for Nobel peace prize by their media and citizen alike. BUT IS THIS THE ONLY PERSPECTIVE ?

If one changes the shades and sees through Modi's eye, the situation looks all rehearsed by the Indian side with nothing (much) really going off tracks. So yes, Prime Minister Modi decided to take action on terror outfit. The objective of the mission? To eliminate the chief commanders and key people of JEM who provided strategic and logistic support to this terror outfit. The airstrikes made sure that this was achieved. In a press briefing, the Indian Foreign secretary confirmed a "non- military, preemptive action ".
Words matter a lot in international diplomacy and hence, the need to put them out there in bold. Since this was not a military action, the action cannot be treated as an act of war and qualifies, at best, as an aggressive violation of airspace. But unless declared as a "state of war"(as required by Hague convention) by any one side, the situation at best can be defined as an " armed conflict ", thus triggering the Article 2 of Geneva convention (which only means that the conditions of Geneva conventions relating to treatment of soldiers, POWs, nurses etc now apply under Article 12).
Okay, so Pakistan did react but this time hitting **"military installations" ,**as confirmed during the joint press brief of all the three forces of India. This does translates down to an act of war as it gives a logical excuse to any country to declare an official state of war. However, India did not choose to do so.
Also, in his request to de-escalate, Pakistan, a state with $6Bn as forex, talked about how nuclear war would be disastrous for the region. But wait a second, who even mentioned war? Pakistan did! Did Government of India or any of the representatives of the armed forces even mentioned the word 'WAR' when they were being blackmailed by the terms such as "nuclear" from the other side? I don't count the war room experts of ABP news as official spokespersons for India, sorry.
While watching France24 debate on this issue, I heard a unique point being mentioned by a panelist who said that Modi's continued engagements with scheduled functions showed a complete lack of leadership. I found it interesting because his continued engagements at different events showed how disinterested the Government of India was in a war that was almost a reality to the TRP freaks and keyboard warriors. It also showed how India was calling the bluff of Pakistan out in the open.
Was Indian reaction to the inbound Pakistani jets wrong? Isn't it the duty of IAF and other armed forces to react as bravely as they did? Isn't it logical that India offered no negotiations on the release of W.C Abhinandan, making it clear that the Pakistan must release it ? Isn't it logical that India took the matter to UNSC the day airstrikes were conducted , thanks to the French? Would a country, interested in war or escalation of conflicts approach an international body on security ? Isn't it logical that few hours into the announcement of visit of Saudi FM to Islamabad and a interesting remark the US president, PM Imran khan offers a peace gesture?
Truth is, the whole narrative of war was created by Pakistan and fueled by the TRP hungry news channels. India and it's leadership are the real peacemakers here because we defeated the narrative of war, pressurized Pakistan into making a BBC gaffe which made them admit, on record, that they know where JEM chief is , and also called the bluff that Pakistan takes with itself to the table.

EDIT : Forex of Pakistan changed from $2BN to $6 BN as reported in January 2019.
EDIT 2: Formatting and grammatical edits to make it simpler to read.
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Advice for first bike tour? (It's a big one!)

American here, I need some help from well experienced cyclists. My cousin invited me on a biking tour of France in late June 2019. We plan to start in Paris, then go to Geneva, and then to Nice, stopping as we please along the way. We have budgeted roughly 17+/- days for the whole trip, including 3 days rest in Annecy and two nights in Nice.
I have never done any bike touring before.
I plan on taking my full carbon Giant Defy with 28 mil tires on it, road pedals and cleats. I am hoping to only take a 7 liter frame pack, and a waist pack or an 11 liter Osprey backpack. One set of clothes for on the bike, one set of clothes for off, and an extra pair each of socks and underwear. I will have cash and a visa with no forex fee, and we plan to stay in hostels, couch surf, and stay with a friend while in Geneva.
So if anyone has any good advice for route planning, essential gear, and unexpected hiccups, I would be very appreciative!
It might be worth it to mention that I am 23 and my standards are comfort are low compared to some folks, i.e. going a weekend without changing clothes in a different city from where I live is not unusual.
The most cycling I have ever done in a day was 50 miles on totally flat ground with a loaded backpack. This happened to be on a track bike (fixed gear) with Vans on, not ideal but fun.
TL;DR Advice for a first time bike tourist doing a minimal 1000k+ bike tour of France!
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Ripple Finance and Big Banking Events September 2016

W3C TPAC 2016 LISBON September 19 - 23, 2016 The co-creators of the Interledger Protocol will present at the W3C technical plenary/advisory committees week.
Sibos 2016 GENEVA Booth F60 September 26 - 29, 2016 Sibos is the premier annual event for the financial services community. The conference and exhibition are organised by SWIFT, and facilitate debate, networking and collaboration around the future of payments, securities, cash management, trade and financial crime compliance.
For more information, and to register, please visit
XRP is set to grow the last two weeks in September as new big banking ventures begin the integration process of using XRP for additional profit, forex market settlements, and banking settlement speed!
With 15 of the 50 biggest banking organizations currently on board, these September events will mark the beginning of XRP's exponential growth.
Cross border settlements currently exceed $150 Trillion Dollars per year! XRP is catching on as a 5 second transaction, secure, and respectable quantitative finance block chain for the largest financial entities in the world. Seeing a $1 per XRP price tag in the next 5 years is highly likely if large financial businesses continue investing in and utilizing Ripple and XRP.
Works Cited
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Agent Provocateur - Geneva Forex Event - YouTube Geneva Forex Event - Live - Aubade Geneva Forex Event - February 2016 Forex trading live trading in geneva - YouTube Geneva Forex Event - Live - May 2016

Der Geneva Forex Event findet jeden Monat mit prominenten Label-Partnern statt. ADVERTORIAL Montag, 21. September 2020 11:30 Gesundheitsimmobilien: Schlummerndes Potenzial zum Wachküssen. ADVERTORIAL Dienstag, 29. September 2020 12:15 Wie Corona der Unternehmenskultur Chancen ermöglicht. Zum Thema . Wie André Duka die Schweizer Kryptoszene vorführt; Dukascopy Bank holt Kryptohandel in die ... The Geneva Forex Event is the leading Cosmopolitan Platform for Finance, Fashion & Luxury in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva Forex Event allows Fashion & Luxury brands to be part of one of the leading industry events that has shaped the fashion agenda in Geneva for the past 6 years. The Geneva Forex Event works meticulously with partners to integrate them into the monthly Event, in a way that ... Trading in Forex/CFD carry a high level of risk to your capital due to the volatility of the underlying market. These products may not be suitable for all investors. Therefore, you should ensure that you understand the risks and seek advice from an independent and suitably licensed financial advisor. Contact SwissForex Online. Phone +1 (301) 750-8556. Mail. [email protected] ... Geneva Capital Group presents itself as an international broker offering powerful yet seamless trading solutions. However, they’re not open about their offer and we had to register an account in order to figure out the leverage ratios provided, the spreads, the platform, and so on. What is worse, these scammers simply use the name of a legit Geneva-based broker, with which they aren’t ... Dukascopy’s monthly Geneva Forex Event, which was hosted at the Four Seasons Hotel De Bergues on Lake Geneva, brought together approximately 500 high net worth investors, traders, white label partners and members of Switzerland’s high society, which in May this year was attended by LeapRate. The Swiss city of Geneva is to introduce a minimum wage of 23 Swiss francs ($25) an hour, equal to roughly 3,772 Swiss francs ($4,100) a month for a 41-hour working week. Nearly two-thirds of the canton of Geneva on Sunday voted in favor of introducing the minimum wage, which is reported to be the ... Geneva Capital Group – Registrierung und unterschiedliche Kontomodelle. Wer sich auf das Angebot von Geneva Capital Group einlassen und auf der Online-Trading-Plattform handeln will, muss sich zuvor registrieren. Nachdem man über den Geneva Capital Group Login Zutritt bekomme, müsse man ein Live-Handelskonto wählen.

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Agent Provocateur - Geneva Forex Event - YouTube

Geneva Forex Event - Live 16 March 2016 - Duration: 26:18. Geneva Forex Event Recommended for you. 26:18. Why You Board the Plane from the Left - Duration: 8:44. ... Geneva Forex Event - Billionaire Italian Couture and Le Dix Boutique - Duration: 24 minutes. 1,197 views; 3 years ago; 26:18. Geneva Forex Event - Live 16 March 2016 - Duration: 26 minutes. 424 ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search How To Make $15000 with $1500 Investment In Forex Binary Options Trading? How To Trade Exchange Traded Binary Options To make High Profits? Exchange Traded B... Geneva Forex Event - February 2016 - Duration: 1:03:02. Geneva Forex Event 2,910 views. 1:03:02. Interview with former bank trader and why he now trades for himself. - Duration: 55:46. ... Agent Provocateur - Geneva Forex Event - Duration: 1:32. Luxeday 40,496 views. 1:32. Top 10 funny performances Got Talent - Duration: 43:03. Talent Replay Recommended for you. 43:03 . The Funniest ... L'Agent by Agent Provocateur show at the Geneva Forex Event by Dukascopy Bank. Hotel des Bergues, Geneva, Switzerland Follow LUXEDAY www.insta...